Body Pump 80 Tracklist

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Published on: 29 octobre 2011
Body Pump 80
Body Pump 80

BODYPUMP 80 tracklist

Warmup: Resuscitate Me – September

Squats: The Edge Of Glory (Glory Mix) – Red Beans & Rice

Chest: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Ninth Immortal

Back: The Tide – Twilight

Triceps: Till The World Ends – Britney Spears

Biceps: Eye Of The Tiger – Altiyan Childs

Lunges: Fading Like A Flower (Club Radio Mix) – Dan Winter

Shoulders: Hands Up! (Sample Ripperz Remix) – Jens O

Abs: Rolling In The Deep – Colourbox

Cooldown: Fade Into Me – David Cook

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