Body Attack 76 Tracklist

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Published on: 23 mars 2012
Body Attack 76 Tracklist
Body Attack 76 Tracklist

BODYATTACK 76 tracklist

Warmup : San Francisco (Fine Tune)

Mixed Impact : Más (NXT)

Aerobic : Notorious (Global Nation)

Plyometric : Twilight Zone (Colourbox)

Upper Body Conditioning : You Got The Love (The Grace)

Running : Ridin Solo (Damn-R Remix) (Jason Born)

Agility : Badman Riddim (The Spring Act)

Interval : Angels (Reversal Switch)

Power : Don’t Wanna Go Home (Sunny Dee Remix) (Jason Born)

Lower Body Conditioning : Night Of Your Life (Olson Bjerre feat. Sam K.)

Core Conditioning : Tonight Tonight (Hot Chelle Rae )

Cooldown : All That You Are (The Goo Goo Dolls)

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