Body Attack 74 Tracklist

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Published on: 15 août 2011
Body Attack 74
Body Attack 74 Tracklist

BODYATTACK 74 tracklist

Warmup: Seek Bromance – MasterControl feat. Kiki

Mixed Impact: Life Of A Superstar – Starburst feat. TT

Aerobic: Whip My Hair – Mandy Brewer

Plyometric: Fight For Your Right – Crass Crew

Upper Body Conditioning: Born This Way – Southern Light

Running: Never Leave You – Steve Rage feat. Julija

Agility: Bbbbbbbounce – Breat Soldiers

Interval: Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Mabra Edit) – Mabra

Power: Grenade – Rico Davoli

Lower Body Conditioning: Higher – Logan S. feat. Juno

Core Conditioning: On The Floor – Red Beans & Rice

Cooldown: Let’s Go – Blue Tide

Alternative 5 – Upper Body Conditioning: No Way But The Hard Way – ABCD

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